Dec 31, 2017

What is it with resolution lists, minimalism, getting things organized??

I did a lot of reading just now about this subject. New Year resolution lists, getting organized, simplify, minimalism, de-clutter. But you know what? Besides the de-clutter thing I get very nervous with all these things.

Am I the only one who probably gets a burn-out or at least is getting very unhappy when you know what's going to happen next?

Everybody has a routine, even me ... I'm not a morning person. I have my 'walk' after waking up during the week, going to work. Coffee, shower (sometimes coffee in the shower), email ... if something happens out of the routine I'm running around like a zombie. But for the rest? I'd rather not have a routing or a list.

Declutter I try and I must agree, it's better. The only nasty thing is after de-clutter I can't find anything anymore.
Lists? The only thing it brings me is stress. Oh f**k I didn't do this ... I''m a loser, I haven't done that!

I'd rather live. Period. And see what happens. Often it's something shitty ... solve it. Sometimes is nice ... enjoy it.

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