Jun 12, 2017

Hysteria in Amsterdam

I'm annoyed, terribly annoyed.

Okay there is this terrorist threat in Europe, as we know already.

Last friday afternoon there was this police protest, alarm telephone number wasn't asnwered and the police went through Amsterdam with the sirens switched on. WTF!!!! There is a f**king terrorist threat over here. What were they thinking. And if they were thinking ... wrong decision.

Last saturday some car ploughs into pedestrian on the main square in front of the Central Station in Amsterdam. Vague story of a car parked over there which isn't allowed, police told the driver to leave the square driving slowly ... mm mm. 5 or 6 people are in hospital. The driver drove away like crazy. The police communicated that it wasn't a terrorist attack but the driver got sick. This wasn't confirmed by an eye witness. Police: no comment.
Sunday they searched the drivers home. The driver btw is still in custody. And the result: no it wasn't a terrorist attack.

I got the feeling that the media and the people wanted it to be a terrorist attack.

So ... that's why I'm annoyed.

And here a photo from the Independent, the crash at sunset.

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