Apr 17, 2017

Read millions of science articles

That's weird, I want to post this one on Facebook but I'm not allowed to. Probably because of the 'Unpaywall' and 'locked up' in the url. It ignores the 'legal' word though. Let's check if I can share it via my blog.

"Earlier this month, Impactstory, a nonprofit supported by grants from the National Science Foundation and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, launched, Unpaywall, a free browser extension that helps you “find open-access versions of paywalled research papers, instantly.”

As the co-founders of Impactstory describe it, Unpaywall is “an extension for Chrome and Firefox that links you to free full-text as you browse research articles. Hit a paywall? No problem: click the green tab and read it free!”"


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