Mar 8, 2017

Like me, like me, like me, like me!

So this is how it works.

(And now for something totally different a personal brainwave triggered by the illustration above. If it's suitable for work? I don't know. You will be the judge)

I consider myself a smart person. Even a nice person, if you get to know me. But lately things are getting a bit clearer, I have a big issue ... with relationships. I don't get it, I thought I did, but I don't. If I look around me I see people in relationships I don't get. I always thought I was easy in a relationship, easy going, I don't expect a lot from a partner, I don't want to change a partner, I don't want to tell a partner what to do. That is the issue. I think people like it when a partner expects things from their partner, people like it when a partner wants to change them or tell them what to do.

From the moment I can remember I was always walking around thinking: What am I doing here??!! And no, not meaning I want to commit suicide. The contrary. Just walking around with a lot of question marks above my head. This combined with me being ueber-curious is a bad combination I guess. I can still remember listening to Radiohead's first hit and thinking WTF that's me!

"I wish I was special. You're so very special. But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo. What the hell am I doing here. I don't belong here ... I want a perfect body. I want a perfect soul. I want you to notice when I'm not around"

So basically I'm a terrible romantic.

So, in short this story was triggered by the illustration 'I'm really sad that you don't like me internet stranger'. It shows how my brains are hopping around. In my head it started with: oh yeah, the commercial on telly about the teenagers who ask friends plse like this photo because I haven't got a lot of likes yet. From that it went to internet dating, in which I'm very very very very bad. I did it in the past and guys blocked me after chatting probably because I again said something wrong. And from this to issues with relationships.

Does this make sense? Probably not. If you came as far as this sentence ... RESPECT!

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