Mar 4, 2017

An ideal boy

Ideal Boy, An: Charts from India
by Sirish Rao, V. Geetha, Gita Wolf (Editors)
Dewi Lewis Publishing
2001, 120 pages, 6.9 x 1.0 x 9.4 inches, Hardcover
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A book with visual charts as educational aids in India.

First thought? Why boy? Than I thought, okay we live in a fake male dominant world. So I scrolled down. 'Improvement of the cooking'? 'Home science - Cooking and utensils'? 'Nail polish', 'Hair pin' and 'ribbon' (Usefull Articles). Now I'm confused. Also because of the cover of the book. A boy and a girl.

But ofcourse one of the most important good habits of an ideal boy (do they exist by the way?) is taking lost children to the police post.

Illustrations are nice :)


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