Feb 11, 2017

#ShePersisted - Yes I did. Remember the post from yesterday about working mothers?

Wow! This is so recognizable. Very good initiative #ShePersisted.

"Stay-at-home mom? Get a job", "Working mom? You're neglecting your kids", "Slut", "Dyke", "She was asking for it", "Calm down", "Moody", "He picks on you because he likes you", "Girls can't do that", "You'd be so much prettier if you wore make up" ... et cetera, et cetera.

Yes, I presist, I keep walking against walls, I keep discussing.
Yes, in the male point of view I probably am agressive, I am a woman with balls, I have my own opinion, I am independent.
And no, I'm not a man-hater, I'm not a dyke, I'm not neglecting my daughter, I didn't ask for it and I won't calm down.

Well done Courtney Privett


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