Feb 16, 2017

Richard Mosses uses military photo equipment to document the refugee crisis

And the result has the drama that's necessary.

Richard Mosse:
"I used a military-grade camera designed for battlefield awareness and long-range border surveillance in an attempt to engage and confront the ways in which many in the west, and our governments, represent – and therefore regard – the refugee." "This thermal camera, which is produced in the EU by a multi-national weapons company (…) was not designed for storytelling, and was never intended to be used aesthetically."

"We wanted to use the technology against itself to create an immersive, humanist art form, allowing the viewer to meditate on the profoundly difficult and frequently tragic journeys of refugees through the metaphors of hypothermia, global warming, border enforcement, mortality, and what the philosopher giorgio agamben has called the ‘bare life’ of stateless people."

More info over here.

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