Feb 6, 2017

Oh my! ... Sometimes I have the feeling I know nothing - Nasothek & China Girls

You are never too old to learn something. One of the things my 18y old daughter remembers is me telling her: "That's general knowledge. It's something you just have to know." Very annoying, I know. Just now, in one newsletter I saw two posts with subjects I've never heard from. Shame on me!

Nasothek (via):

A collection of noses. That has to do with preservation of art. In the 19th century people replaced the broken off noses from statues with new ones. Later they decided that doing that you spoiled the work of art, so they took them off again. These noses were sometimes collected and displayed ... Nasothek.

China girls (via):

No this has nothing to do with David Bowie. These were the models photographed and put at the beginning of old movies. To calibrate the equipment.
The Chicago Film Society started to collect them in 2011.

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