Feb 3, 2017

Fitness in 1892

That reminds me. I really have to go to a sports school again. I found one near work which is good. I work till 17.30 and the classes start at 18.00. Also my fav Body Pump. But ... it's not near my home. Choices, choices ... decisions, decisions. On one hand I miss it (I used to work out 3x a week), on the other hand, I'm postponing it. Finding all kinds of excuses, work, house. Okay I will start by going on my bike to work when I don't have to go on clients visits. And on my bike I will pass the sports school, park my bike and go inside for info.

I didn't know that fitness was already popular in 1892. A lot of these contraptions look like torture. Nice photo's. Text in dutch. Click on 'Bekijk hier de foto's'

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