Jan 30, 2017

Spoiled fortune cookies

I had the flu. Recuperating from it I wanted to do something useful. So what did I do? Clean out my kitchen. Got everything out of the cupboards and drawers. And what did I find? A box of fortune cookies, out of date. I couldn't resist and opened a couple of them. This is my fortune:

'Your empathy enchants'
'You will experience good luck on a personal level'
'Blow off steam. Don't bottle up anger'
'Fine, you are open to new things'
'Remain patient around people with parochialism'
'It will give you many benefits when you expand your social environment'

So ... to get good luck on a personal level and because I'm open to new things and I'm empathetical I have to expand my social environment.Thus ... I have to blow off steam when around parochialic people.


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