Jul 15, 2014

Car Wash Incident

This is a 6 min excerpt. I have to see the whole video installation. Intriguing.

"Car Wash Incident" by Jack+Leigh Ruby, former con artists who have re-conceptualized their original fabricated insurance scam "evidence" as multimedia art, after over a decade in prison.

Everything including the people are doubled.
What appears as 4 characters engaged in an intrigue driving around the lot of a car wash is actually
8 characters on a set with two of everything:
people, street corners, cars, signs, trash cans, tufts of grass, fire hydrants, etc have all been doubled, expanding the narrative possibilities of a simple task: the delivery of a plastic bag.
The actors improvised dialogues of contradictory story lines as they performed the circular event.

Car Wash Incident –– 6 min. excerpt –– dual screen video installation from Leigh Ruby on Vimeo.

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