Jun 20, 2014

Lionel Messi Hugs?!

I don't like watching soccer, or sports in general. But it's hard to miss soccer these weeks. Lousy commercials on television, bad print ads and a lot of orange. How I don't like the color orange. But than all of a sudden you bump on a viral one 'Lionel Messi Hugs', I know the name, I know the brand, I had to think hard for which team Messi plays, but it doesn't matter. I like this one. Again simplicity rules! One thing though, a pity they didn't shoot it in the streets. On the other hand probably that would have created a riot.

Messi for Head & Shoulders. Is Head & Shoulders taking a turn? I hope so, I hope they're going to create more of these. Does anyone knows which agency did this?

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