May 30, 2014

Sex - Talk About It Before They Do

How long are we using internet? Exactly. Now this is a recent commercial on dutch television. "Talk about sex with your kid before they do". On which planet did these people live? My daughter turned 16 last February. When she was a toddler I started to check internet, social media, MSN et cetera. To see what was going on there. Yeah ... I found out ... a lot of assholes over there. When she was bigger and allowed on the computer with me I never had a child lock / family filter on it. They only get more curious. Child locks / Family filter are for lazy parents. I explained everything to her. And to be honest, a porn website is easier to explain than why people are fighting in the Middle East. The first social media she was allowed to use when she was 10-11 years old was the dutch Hyves. Me and a couple of friends were on her friends list. She knew that I controlled it. Showed her the weirdo's, explained everything. When she was 13 she was allowed to have a Facebook account.

Sometimes when I tell her friends that they have to be careful with selfies, posts et cetera because nothing 'disappears' on the internet they look at me as if I tell them there's life on Mars. They don't know. I don't understand. And now, after all these years the government think of this commercial. Wow!

(Commercial in English, final text in Dutch)

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