May 29, 2014

Google Car ... Fugly As Hell

I know ... sustainability but I have to admit something, between you and me. 1. I like the sound of a car 2. I like to drive a car 3. I like my car to have a key and not a computer card 4. No computer in my car which is going to tell me what to do. Sorry.

At this moment I have the ugliest car in the world, it's about 8 years old, a Daihatsu Cuore Special Edition. I never asked what the special edition meant. But I think it means that I have to do everything myself. No automatic door lock, the windows I have to roll down manually and if I put the window wipers on fast the car moves. But nobody is taking away my car.

This Google car can be sustainable, efficient and more, but look at it, it's fugly! Never ever you will see me driving a car like this. Oops. It doesn't have a steering wheel nor brakes ... okay ... You will never see me sitting in a car like this. It looks like a made in Taiwan toy car, does it have a name? Dora The Driver? Christopher The Car?

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