Feb 11, 2014

Just Thinking ...

I was on an event yesterday 'Bladen In De Balie' (Magazines in De Balie) in Amsterdam. The future of magazines. Content - Context. Ofcourse a GoogleGlass talk. A talk by a publisher who said that every printed title has something that works, it can be an event, a website, an app, GoogleGlass et cetera. Nice. And a talk by the publishers of a specialized dutch car magazine.

Suddenly it hits me. Probably not original, but I couldn't get it out of my head.

1. Remember in the 'past' you would buy for example a magazine about history, gossip, gadgets, fashion. You bought a title. Fashion ---> Elle. But now with the 'pay per article', websites, blogs, you buy / read an article from a journalist, writer. The person is getting more important nowadays.

2. Why do we still need a car showroom? Last week I saw a pop-up store and I was thinking why don't they get rid of car showrooms and use pop-up stores? Yesterday I listened to the research they did, the facts, the statistics. Roughly put. 99% of the time people spend looking for a new (used) car is checking internet, finally 1%: car dealer. The dutch magazine Autoweek is going to organize an event with all car brands. 3 days, you buy a ticket online and if you're interested in a certain car you can reserve a time to test the specific car. Drive it. Very good idea. Bye bye very costly showrooms.

Ah well, as I said ... just thinking ...

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