Dec 3, 2013

Walls And Skin - Preserve Your Tattoos [UPDATE]

Best tattoo shop in Amsterdam ... Netherlands ... Europe ... world (?!) Walls And Skin has send out following press release. It's awesome: Preserve Your Tattoos. The shop owner Peter van der Helm (art director, graffiti artist and tattoo artist) is right "To most people their tattoo has a high emotional value, it's something they've thought about for a while before having it done". My tattoo won't get a beauty award, but it's designed by my daughter and yes, inked by Peter. If my daughter would think it's a nice souvenir from me I would definitely 'Preserve My Tattoo'.

Notes to editor: For further information or high res images, please contact: Chantal Ramkisoen, or Peter van der Helm,



An extraordinary service

Amsterdam, December 2, 2013 – Tattoo en Graffiti shop ‘Walls and Skin’ has opened its doors in Amsterdam and is immediately stirring up the international tattoo scene. Four artists who have already earned their stripes in the business, now joined forces in the heart of Europe’s sin city to offer the best ink out there. And once your skin is adorned with that beautiful image, it’s almost sad to ever let it go to waste. Instead you can now decide to leave it behind after you die, for the sake of art or as a dear memory to your loved ones. Walls and Skin offer a unique service to make this possible: your tattooed skin on the wall. From now on tattoos really are forever!

Preserve your tattoo
With “Preserve your tattoo” Walls and Skin offers people the possibility to leave their tattoo(s) behind after they die. A service that will have sufficient demand, according to shop owner and tattoo artist Peter van der Helm. “To most people their tattoo has a high emotional value, it’s something they’ve thought about for a while before having it done. So why take it to your grave instead of leaving that little piece of art to your family or loved ones? My dream is to eventually create an exhibition that tells the story of the evolution of tattoo art. On real skin, which is significantly different than a sketch or painting”, says Van der Helm. To preserve the tattoos he works closely with a team of specialists: “We need a handwritten letter stating which tattoo you want to be preserved and giving us permission to do so. You can upload this on our site. After that we contact you to further discuss the details and make sure the procedure is clear”. 

Tattoo done, Gentleman Jack on us! 
Together Walls and Skin tattoo artists offer a wide variety of specialties: skulls, portraits or landscape by Peter aka Heez, beautifully perfected Chicano lettering by Chiekow, Patrick Inkbrothers’ new school style or the unlimited fantasy and technical skills of Luigi Tattoo that turn every tattoo you can imagine into reality. All supervised by floor manager named Floor. Customers receive a complimentary drink when their session is done: Gentleman Jack. The only whiskey in the world charcoal mellowed twice, giving it ultimate smoothness. Gentleman Jack is full bodied with fruit and spices, and its finish is silky, warm and pleasant. The perfect ending to any tattoo session. 

Now open
Walls and Skin is open. Please book through or 
+31 (0)20 – 8464 645.

Walls and Skin
Kalkmarkt 1
1011 BC Amsterdam 

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