Oct 25, 2013

Wearable Tech

A couple of weeks ago I did a presentation about 3d photography, I did the final part. I summed up what's going on nowadays on the interwebs. What I noticed was that 'architecture' suddenly is part of all kinds of disciplines. Also of fashion.

Looking for example at the fashion of the dutch designer Iris van Herpen, I can imagine. She received with her 3d printed collection 'Voltage' the top price in the Dutch Design Awards, fashion category.

And you have the 'beauty technology' by beauty tech designer Katia Vega. She designs a line of cosmetics with which you can activate electronics. Fake nails, eyelashes. Looking good and launch a drone at the same time.

If you're interested in fashion / beauty and tech you have to read this interview with element14, a community of design engineers and tech enthusiasts within Newark, an Electronics components distributor.

Ergo: I'm curious, as always, how this will develop.

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