Sep 5, 2013

Virtual Photography

This is a very nice project. Photographer is 'with' the subjects, the photo's are screen shots, but it definitely is photography. Arko Datto's 'Virtual Photography'.

"Indian photographer Arko Datto is a digital explorer, a photographic sociologist, and a cowboy of the finest pampas: that of the wild, wild west of the world wide web. In his work Cybersex, Datto attempts to define and expand upon what he calls “virtual photography.” It is beyond the curatorial endeavors of the likes of “Google Street Views” and other collections of pre-existing images.
This genre of photography is not new as far as “found work” is concerned, but it is new in Datto’s case in the sense that he, along with the participation of this particular cybersex community, are creating the photographs in real time, the exception to old notions being that Datto’s subjects cannot see him when he is “taking” photographs of them. They are captured digitally via screen shot, though Datto is indeed “with” the subjects. We recently spoke with him about the project."

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