Sep 29, 2013

JR @ Unseen

Last wednesday my day was good. After a very hectic monday and tuesday, preparing a fair, preparing a presentation, giving a presentation, I had almost no energy to go to the opening of the photography fair Unseen. But because of a friend of a friend I could go as the VIP biotch! Opening was as every other art-scene opening. My friend and I decided to go and walk around to see if anything else was already open. I passed the location on the Westergasfabriek where one of my favorite artists JR was showing his new project Inside Out. And guess what, they were still building the installation but I could go in, take photo's and talk to a project manager. Unfortunately JR himself wasn't there, he has a solo show in the States.

Amsterdam Unseen was the first city the Inside Out van went to. Next stop is London. You don't know JR? Shame on you! Perhaps you heard about his Women Are Heroes project in Kenya. One of the producers told me they're still going back to work on this project. It's spreading out. This year when they arrived they got questions like: You took photographs of my neighbour, why nog from me?

The Inside Out project he started after winning the TED prize in California in 2011. It's a global participatory art project with the potential to change the world.

Why I like JR's projects so much? I'm always a sucker for  art combined with street art and giving back to the community. Below the photo's I took at Unseen. Feel free to re-blog but be nice, mention me as copyright holder of the photo and JR as copyright holder of the project.

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