Sep 13, 2013


Transfer your sins to a goat, tonight Yom Kippur begins. In modern time ofcourse a virtual goat.

The eScapegoat is roaming the Internet collecting sins before Yom Kippur.

Like in Bible Times,
only nerdier!

"In modern usage a scapegoat is an individual, group, or country singled out for unmerited negative treatment or blame.[1] A whipping boy, "fall guy" or "patsy" is a form of scapegoat.
Scapegoat derives from the common English translation of the Hebrew term azazel (Hebrew: עזאזל) which occurs in Leviticus 16:8 after the prefix la- (Hebrew לַ "for").
And Aaron shall place lots upon the two he goats: one lot "For the Lord," and the other lot, "For Azazel."
—Leviticus, Vayikra 16:8"
source Wikipedia


Oh, and ofcourse you can follow them on Twitter: @SinfulGoat

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