Aug 15, 2013

Photogenic Princess

Why taking family pictures ... to remember events or to create events? Nice!

"Japanese photographer Nagano Toyokazu has been taking photos of his daughter Kanna since the day she was born. At first Toyakazu was just taking photos to capture family memories, but fast forward three years later, and the duo is now a Flickr sensation. Toyokazu's Flickr followers had the privilege of watching Kanna grow up over the past few years, and in an email interview with NPR Tovakazu explains "When I started, I was taking photos with a camera in order to keep family memories, but I now take photos to create family memories." Tovakazu's newest collection titled 'Photogenic Princess,' is a series of shots taken of Kanna wearing various costumes and acting out hilarious scenes. Not only does this series capture the delightful personality of a young girl, but also tells a heart-warming story of the special relationship between a father and daughter."


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