Mar 17, 2013

How Sad

Not sad for the woman, but sad for the people judging her.

Memphis-based photographer Haley Morris-Cafiero’s series Wait Watchers freezes judgment in time.

"While creating an image for my Something to Weigh series, I decided to photograph myself sitting alone on the Times Square stairs to capture my solitude in a busy crowd. After developing the film, I noticed that a man was standing behind me being photographed by an attractive blonde woman. Rather than pose for her camera, he was sneering at me behind my back.

Five minutes later and at another location, another man turns his back to gawk at me while I am photographing myself sitting at a cafĂ© table. I have always been aware of people making faces, commenting and laughing at me about my size. I now reverse the gaze and record their reactions to me while I perform mundane tasks in public spaces.—Haley Morris-Cafiero"


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