Nov 22, 2012

Art In The Digital Age

A very interesting subject on This is part two about 'ownership' of art in this digital age.

Artists are using the internet as a creative platform at every stage of the creative process from inspiration right through to promotion. Galleries are moving online, platforms are popping up where you can buy digital art and with the rise of online pin boards and visual blogs, anyone can now curate their own individual online galleries. We speak to six experts including New York- based digital artists Reed+Rader, Lousie Shannon - Acting Head of Contemporary at the V&A, James Davis - Program Manager at Google Art Project, Shane Walter - Founder of onedotzero and digital designers Keiichi Matsuda and Nazareno Crea to uncover how digital is shaking up the art world. In Part Two we debate the pros and cons of patenting digital art in an age of open source and sharing, explore the idea of 'ownership' and look at what the future holds for digital art.

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