Oct 16, 2012

'Design By Its Nature Is Collaborative'

Interesting. The 'New Work' in practice.

About Why Design
At Herman Miller design is the language we use to ask questions and seek answers to the problems our customers face. The design process is a journey into the unknown—or as George Nelson once quipped, "I have never met a designer who was retained to keep things the same as they were." Before we decide what we do and how we do it, we like to begin by asking the question "Why?" In Why Design, a new video series, we explore the world through the eyes of our designers, and share something of why we value their point of view.

Studio 7.5
7.5 ton vehicles are permissible to drive with a regular driver's license in Germany, and designers Burkhard Schmitz, Claudia Plikat, and Carola Zwick, along with engineer Roland Zwick, thought it would be ideal to set up a design studio on wheels. The truck didn't work out, but they kept the number as a reminder to continuously drive forward and push into new frontiers—-as evinced by their ground-breaking Mirra and Setu chairs.

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