Aug 6, 2012

Gilbert & George

"One of the art world's most enigmatic characters, Gilbert & George have kept us entertained for over forty years. visited the pair at White Cube Bermondsey to talk about their political leanings, what happiness means and their latest exhibition, London Pictures, which showcases 292 pictures based on 3,712 newspaper bills they've pilfered over the past six years from selected newsagents in east and north London."



  1. would love to be a fly on that wall, Sylana! Anyway to get the video to post on BO.LT?

  2. well, it was black before but now it just came up. We'll see. xo

    it worked on this page; yeah! I love these guys and the last comment, "We are surrounded by young people licking us all over." is to die for.

  3. ah good, it worked! I'm happy now :). I love them.