Nov 27, 2010

Thanks Yoono

I'm using Yoono for a while now. I especially like it for Twitter. Suddenly 3 days ago my Twitter account wasn't updating anymore. Panic! Waited a day. Still no updates. De-installed it. Installed it. No connection with Twitter. Bummer. Just to get rid of my own frustration I've send an e-mail to Yoono. Guess what ... Reivax, an employee of Yoono, reacted on it. And the problem was solved. I felt so good. An helpdesk that really helped. Afterwards I thought this is very weird. Basically what does a helpdesk do ... yeah ... solve your problem. Like when a client calls me I help in one way or another. But nowadays I'm very surprised when that happens.

Anyway, Yoono is up and running again. Thanks Reivax from Yoono!


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