Dec 20, 2009

The Dualism Publication

Remember The Dualism? The online art show? Terrific photography. You can also find them on Facebook.

They have a new initiative now that sounds very promising. They're going to publish a magazine / book (print) without ads. See message below or read it here.

So if you want to promote yourself in the industry's they mention ... react fast. It's better than placing an ad in a magazine, and less expensive.

The Dualism Photographic Art Publication
Promotion Guidelines

As The Dualism fans are enormously increasing worldwide (click to visit facebook fan page) and the success of the recently launched online exhibition, it has been decided that the dualism will start its own publication in form of art books series that would consist of The Dualism art work, collaboration with other artists and creative people in all fields, the involvement of art in different life aspects dealing with matters that we all relate to, all presented in artistic manner along side with discussions and debates of our fans.

The publication will be promoting artists by collaborating with them in doing artwork and interviews of what they do and/or of them. All kind of artist and people in the creative field: writers, poets, singers, musicians, bands, actors, models, fashion designers, hair and make-up artist, puppeteers, painters, sculptors..etc, etc

People outside the creative field would be able to apply to promote themselves and what they do AS LONG AS WE SHOW HOW CAN ART BE INVOLVED AND CONNECT WITH THAT FIELD.

The collaboration would be on 5-10 pages spread of an art shoot with an interview:

- The Photo shoot: showing what you do and/or of you, as you have seen on The Dualism work, it is very provocative, emotion evoking, pushes the limits, sometimes controversial, and nudity sometimes included.

- The Interview: Not only about what you do but also ( if you are not in the art field) its connectivity with art, your views on art in general, cultures, different issues that are going around us, sometimes it will include a reply to fans views on the subject, also it would contain their web links and contacts at the end.

The publication will circulate In the UK and on an international scale among art lovers, fashion scene and movie making industry. It is going to be in high quality book, ad free, and done on The Dualism photography expense, therefore, anyone who would like to promote themselves in the publication by doing such collaboration will be required to pay £250.

If you are interested in promoting yourself and/or your work in the publication, or if you have any further questions please email to :

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