Jun 24, 2009


June 26th I got an email from Facebook, they've reviewed my account and activated it again. The reason why they deactivated it was because I was in a group with contents that weren't allowed on Facebook.
They advice people to review their groups regularly, sometimes, because of the comments, the group changes content and is deactivated on Facebook

I'm .. or better, I was on Facebook already for a long time.
I saw people come and go, create new accounts because their account was disabled.
But I must say, always with a warning and a reason they told me.

Yesterday it happened to me. During the day I'm hardly ever on Facebook because I work. I wanted to react on what a friend posted about his group 'ThoseInMedia', which is very interesting. 'Your account has been disabled'. Without a warning.

I've send several e-mails because I want to know why. That's the least they can do. You can not disable accounts without people letting know why.

Friends from Facebook contacted me. One of them was blocked by Facebook because he was too social. What's the point than on a 'social network', gather 'friends', counting numbers and do nothing?
Did I 'do' something pornographic? No.
Did I post more links than normal? No. My blog is connected to Facebook though.
Did I harrass someone? Not that I know of.

The 'coincidence' is that a real life friend, who is also on Facebook but doesn't use it that much is blocked too ... also without a warning.

I don't know the reason yet. But I'm starting to believe now that 'friends' complain about 'friends' officially with Facebook and without checking they disable accounts. That's a weird situation.

So there are people out there who probably want revenge for one reason or another and do very weird stuff.

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