May 15, 2009

Suzuki Swift

I pity Suzuki. Ever since the 'assault' on 'our' queen everybody's making jokes about it. From the beginning everybody was talking about the Suzuki Swift the crazy guy was driving in. Not even a stolen car. It was his own car.
I guess nobody is buying a Suzuki Swift anymore in the Netherlands.

The other weird thing that happened is that right after the 'assault' his name, address and telephone number was all over internet. That's not correct. These websites didn't have time to check if someone was there. His girlfriend, perhaps his child.

And to final my 'thoughts in short' about the 'assault', suddenly 'our' queen is more popular.

I still have difficulties understanding the working of the human brain

1 comment:

  1. It'll pass. Nobody talks about Volkert van der Graaf's Toyota Starlet anymore.