Feb 10, 2009

Ton de Wit Garage & Keurbedrijf

I'm happy again. Lost my last car key almost a month ago. I still think Cookie, the youngest tostestoron cat got it, played with it and dropped it somewhere. I had to go around Amstelveen and Amsterdam by public transportation. And that's not one of my fav things to do.
At first ofcourse I called the dealer of the car. Without even a pause the guy on the phone said: "That's going to cost you at least euro 1.500,-- and you will have to take care of how to transport the car to us".
Friends send me some websites from company's 'solving' every problem with your car keys. Half of them I called and I didn't even understand what they were saying. The other half talked about 'perhaps', 'perhaps', 'perhaps' ... 'but we can't promis anything, first you will have to transport the car to us'.
Finally (BTW why finally? Why didn't I call them earlier? Stupid) I called my old garage, Ton de Wit, in Oostzaan. He called me back 10 min later and solved everything for me. Got a key from the importer, transported the car to the garage, and ... guess what ... this morning I was picked up by a collegue to transport me to the garage to pick up my car.


So, anybody reading this in or around Amsterdam, in need of a good garage: Ton de Wit (and yes, ofcourse you can name me ... :))) ... )

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  1. Hooray for Ton de Wit... quite a contrast with what I experienced, years ago; http://www.krizzz.nl/2005/06/28/social-engineering/ (although that was a time carkeys were nothing but milled pieces of metal)